Why Choose Wellmaster's Pick Six Promotion

Choose top-notch greenhouse, garden center, and nursery equipment made with durable materials like high-grade steel and sturdy casters that will withstand daily use without wearing out. Our Pick Six promotion offers quality customer service and  free shipping when you purchase any 6 items.

Visit our U.S. or Canadian Pick Six website to shop now.

Mix & Match Six or More of Any Applicable Products
Flexible, Fast Delivery
Receive Free Shipping With Your Order

Don’t Pay Until We Ship Your Products

Pick Six or More Products. Free Shipping.

Please select the products and quantities to include in your Pick Six order. If you require any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Pedro at 1-800-387-9355.

Customers Trust Wellmaster to Deliver Quality Products When They Need Them

Our customers across North America value the durability, quality, affordability, convenience, and quality material and customer service Wellmaster provides.

Orders Can Be Expensive to Ship

Save on All Shipping Costs When You Order Six+ Products!
Wellmaster understands that shipping can be a significant expense for many greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers and other horticulture businesses. Our Pick Six Promotion lets you save on these shipping expenses while stocking up on essential, high-quality products like carts and racks, wagons, and display units.

Ready to Make Your Order?

Confirm your items and quantities on our Pick Six website and provide your information. You won’t be charged until your items are shipped. One of our Wellmaster representatives will then be in touch to confirm the details for your shipment. If you have any questions, please contact Pedro at 1-800-387-9355 or by email at [email protected].

Need Maintenance or Parts for Your Equipment?

Wellmaster offers a one-year warranty on all our greenhouse products. If you experience any issues with your equipment, we’ll assist you with replacing broken parts or providing product maintenance.