Update: Stage Three Reopening

Dear Wellmaster Team,

This Friday our region will enter Stage Three of the reopening of the economy. This achievement in the fight against COVID-19 is a testament to the adherence of Ontarians to guidance from public health experts during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, some will view the entering of Stage Three as an end of the pandemic and the risks COVID-19 poses to our health and economy. We have seen the results of this tragic mindset in the United States and Latin America where infection rates have ballooned out of control and jurisdictions have been forced to re-enter general shutdowns of their economy. Each of us has a role to play in ensuring this does not happen in our community, our province, or our country.

For Wellmaster, the return to Stage Three is an important indicator of recovering demand for our products and services that have been impacted by the pandemic. It is also a testament to our ability to do our part at our workplace, in our community and for our customers in the fight against COVID-19. As a team we have kept COVID-19 out of our facility through the adoption of pandemic policies including frequent daily disinfecting routines, social distancing, enhanced hygiene, and screening protocols.

This foundation has allowed us to support frontline health care workers and first responders with donations of PPE. We have supported local safe access to food for agricultural workers weeks before risks were understood and reported in the news. We have provided customers with reliable on-time delivery of our products and services. We are also adapting to the new normal with a digital marketing strategy, including exhibiting at virtual tradeshows, producing product demonstration videos, and launching new product focused websites, beginning with our GDC cannabis brand of carts and racks.

The leadership Wellmaster has shown in our community and sector has meant our input has been sought by policy makers. Wellmaster is represented on the Government of Ontario’s Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council as well as the Canadian Manufacturer and Exporters National COVID-19 Recovery Advisory Council. Our input has helped influence actions taken by both the federal and provincial governments including the recently announced “Made in Ontario” campaign.

We have achieved much as a team in the face of an unprecedented challenge. Like the Stage Three reopening, however, it can all be undone if we fail to continue our focus on pandemic related workplace safety practices.

Continuing Wellmaster’s momentum starts with each of us completing the daily Pre-Shift Screening Questionnaire before we arrive at work. In the coming weeks and months, we will enter the annual cold and flu season and some of us will develop symptoms associated with COVID-19. This means we will be required to be tested for the virus and be confirmed as COVID-19 negative before we are safe to return to work. COVID-19 testing is critical in identifying infections and preventing local outbreaks before they can become a second wave of infection. COVID-19 testing is available in our community and the results can be accessed within 48 hours. Instructions from South Western Public Health on how to access testing is enclosed with this letter for your reference.

Lastly, it is our pleasure to announce that James has completed his Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduating with the Ivey Scholar distinction. The Ivey Scholar distinction is awarded to MBA graduates with standing in the top 10 per cent of their program. This is a significant accomplishment and is yet another sign of the strong, stable and prosperous future ahead for the Wellmaster team.

Our performance over the last number of months in the face of the pandemic is clear evidence of the resilience of our company and our people. We have the tools to beat COVID-19. It is now up to us to demonstrate the discipline and resolve to follow health guidance and adhere to our workplace pandemic policies each and everyday until a vaccine is available.

In gratitude,

Doug White

James White