Update for Wellmaster Team

Update for Wellmaster Team

Dear Wellmaster Team,

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 crisis. Your flexibility has meant we have been able to adapt to meet our customer needs and your discipline in maintaining the health and safety protocols in response to the pandemic has meant we have been able to maintain operations in a time were others have closed their doors.

By remaining in operation, Wellmaster has been able to support the fight against COVID-19. As a team we have donated hundreds of masks and more than a thousand of other pieces of personal protective equipment to frontline health care workers. We are also providing needed support community food security projects. You make this possible, thank you.

As we continue to work together and do our part to combat the COVID-19 health crisis, we are developing a long-term plan to respond to the COVID-19 economic crisis. The goal of this plan is simple, ensure we provide stable employment for our entire team for the duration of the economic downturn so we can each be prepared to create and share in our company’s success when the economic recovery takes hold.

Making use of our networks, we have benefited from guidance from prominent public health and economic experts. COVID-19 will continue to have a significant impact on Canadian society and our economy into early 2022.  With this in mind, we will access available government supports and apply those funds to maintain stable employment for our team throughout this period of disruption. The government support will help, but a far greater determinant of our future are the steps we will take as a team to ensure our continued success.

These steps begin with health and safety. We must maintain our discipline in social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, use of personal protective equipment and hand washing. We must also dedicate ourselves to a process of continual improvement in our policies regarding COVID-19.

Our long-term plan to address COVID-19 economic crisis also includes process and product innovation. With your help, we will improve our internal processes and develop new products and services to better serve our current customers and to make a difference for new customers. In doing so, we will ensure we are able to take advantage of opportunities both during economic crisis and the into the recovery to follow.

Over our more than thirty-year history, Wellmaster has entered several economic downturns. We have emerged from each of these recessions stronger than when we went in. This, like so many aspects of our company, is a testament to the quality of our people. We are and will remain undaunted in the face of the challenge ahead.

In gratitude,

Doug White

James White