Letter to Wellmaster Team, June 23, 2020

COVID-19 Update to Wellmaster Team

Dear Wellmaster Team,

Through your hard work and careful adherence to safe work practices Wellmaster has reached an important milestone in our response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis with return to our regular shifts. Congratulations, this is a significant accomplishment in the face of challenging times for Canada and the world.

As we reflect on how far we have come as a team, it is important to understand there is still a long road ahead. COVID-19 remains in our community, province and at our borders. The risk of additional waves of the infection continues to be high. It is also important to recognize the damage that has been caused to the global economy is unprecedented, the impact of which will take several months to fully understand.

That said, where there is disruption there is opportunity. Over the past several months we have together demonstrated our resiliency and reliability to our existing customers. We have developed new products and processes that are already showing promise. We are well positioned to take part in the current economic rebound and the gradual recovery that will extend into early to mid 2022.

Our ability to safeguard against the challenges ahead and capture opportunities for new business begins with continuation and continuous improvement of our safe work practices and policies. We have enclosed the Pre-Shift Self Screening Questionnaire as a reminder to carefully review this questionnaire before you leave for work. While at work, please continue to follow all pandemic related policies and practices including social distancing and disinfecting.

It is within our power to minimize the impact COVID-19 has on our facility, but it will take all of us working together to achieve this goal. We are confident that if we continue the responsiveness, creativity, and diligence our team has shown these first few months we will come out of this crisis stronger and better positioned to succeed than when we entered.

In gratitude,

Doug White

James White